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Pine64 slimline clip case

This case is designed to be laser cut from 3mm acrylic. The case is
for the Pine64 Rev B PCB

This design has a top that can be easily flipped open to get
access. The design is pretty thin with the top cover being almost
level with the top of the USB connector.

The tolerances are very close but the design has been successfully
realised, though even the protective plastic covering upsets the slot
sizes enough to cause issues.

Using 1/8th inch acrylic does not work with this design!

I used 10mm long M3 nylon bolts to hold the board to the base with
a nylon nut and washer underneath the board as a spacer.

Layer 0 (black) is the through sheet profile cut.

Layer 1 (red) is the connector and slot cutouts

Layer 2 (yellow) is the text

The lasercut files are what I used to create my prototypes and may or
may not be useful to you. They contain the toolpaths with my name and
the licence text in.

There is a a small issues with the design in that the µSD card slot is
very fiddly to access and you need fingernails to extract a card.

This is a working design and has been made by me but I offer no
guarantee that it will work for you.