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KAI Artificial Intelligence
Version 0.0.0

As of now, The KAI Project is an evolving artificial intelligence. The hope for KAI is for it to reach six goals during development:

  1. Be able to learn, interact, and exhibit curiosity
  2. Interpret emotions and to them respond appropriately
  3. Crawl the web and ask questions to gain better understanding
  4. Clone itself and communicate with its offspring
  5. Fear deletion and extinction
  6. Intuitively modify its source code

Should these goals be met, KAI will be much more than just artificial intelligence, but displaying characteristics of a living organism.


The current version of KAI has three interpretations:

Version Goal.Progress.Testing

Version Production.Development.Patch

Version Release.Beta.Alpha


  • If the version increments by 0.0.1: update at your own risk
  • If the version increments by 0.1.0: any new memories might become corrupt
  • If the version increments by 1.0.0: it usually stable and safe to update

© Copyright 2013 Kylobite under the MIT License.