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TestDefinition Custom Resource Definition

The TestDefinition CustomResourceDefinition (CRD) is a detailed description of the kind of data and the format used to define acceptance tests executed as a Pod on a Kubernes cluster. To get the up-to-date CRD and show the output in the yaml format, run this command:

kubectl get crd -o yaml

Sample custom resource

This is a sample resource that provides a simple test definition.

kind: TestDefinition
  labels: "1.0"
  name: test-dummy
        - name: test
          image: alpine:latest
            - "pwd"

Custom resource parameters

This table lists all the possible parameters of a given resource together with their descriptions:

Parameter Mandatory Description YES Specifies the name of the CR.
spec.template YES Describes the Pod that will be created. This field is of PodTemplateSpec type from the Kubernetes API. Find its detailed description here
spec.skip NO Indicates that a test should not be executed. The default value is false. This feature is not yet implemented.
spec.disableConcurrency NO Disallows running the given test concurrently. The default value is false.
spec.timeout NO Defines the maximal duration of a test, after which it is terminated and marked as Failed. This feature is not yet implemented.
spec.description NO Describes the details of the test case, such as the scope, the test scenario, edge cases, known limitations, etc.

Related resources and components

These are the resources related to this CR:

Custom resource Description
ClusterTestSuite Defines TestDefinitions to execute.

These components use this CR:

Component Description
Octopus When a ClusterTestSuite is created, Octopus fetches TestDefinitions that match the ClusterTestSuite selectors.