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kyma provision azure

Provisions an Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) cluster on Azure.


Use this command to provision a Kubernetes cluster on Azure for Kyma installation. Use the flags to specify cluster details. NOTE: To provision and access the provisioned cluster, make sure you get authenticated by using the Azure CLI. To do so,run az login and log in with your Azure credentials.

kyma provision azure [flags]


  -c, --credentials string    Path to the TOML file containing the Azure Client ID and Client Secret. (required)
      --disk-size int         Disk size (in GB) of the cluster. (default 35)
  -k, --kube-version string   Kubernetes version of the cluster. (default "1.15")
  -l, --location string       Location of the cluster. (default "westeurope")
  -n, --name string           Name of the Azure cluster to provision. (required)
      --nodes int             Number of cluster nodes. (default 3)
  -p, --project string        Name of the Azure Resource Group where you provision the Azure cluster. (required)
  -t, --type string           Machine type used for the cluster. (default "Standard_D2_v3")

Options inherited from parent commands

  -h, --help                Displays help for the command.
      --kubeconfig string   Specifies the path to the kubeconfig file. By default, Kyma CLI uses the KUBECONFIG environment variable or "/$HOME/.kube/config" if the variable is not set.
      --non-interactive     Enables the non-interactive shell mode.
  -v, --verbose             Displays details of actions triggered by the command.


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