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{Component name} {sub-}chart

NOTE: Blockquotes in this document provide instructions. Remove them from the final document.

This document is a ready-to-use template for the Configuration document type that provides technical details about configuration of a Kyma chart or sub-chart. Follow the 05-{00}-{component-name}.md convention to name the document. Make sure that the configuration document for the main chart displays first on the list. If there is only one document of a certain type, remove the type metadata completely so that the document displays well on the UI.

To configure the {Component name} {sub-}chart, override the default values of its values.yaml file. This document describes parameters that you can configure.

Use the tip feature to provide links to the documentation about Kyma overrides. Also add a link to examples of either top-level charts overrides for charts configuration documents or sub-charts overrides for sub-chart configuration documents.

TIP: To learn more about how to use overrides in Kyma, see the following documents:

Configurable parameters

This table lists the configurable parameters, their descriptions, and default values:

Parameter Description Default value
{parameter} {Parameter description} {parameter value}

For reference, see the existing Configuration documents for the Asset Store.

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