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NOTE: Blockquotes in this document provide instructions. Remove them from the final document.

This is a template for the Details document type that provides more in-depth, technical details about a given Kyma component. This document should include, among other things, a detailed explanation of the application lifecycle that describes how the resource is created and what other resources are created, how it is updated, how it is removed, and what each operation means from the technical point of view.

In the document:

  • Provide an introductory sentence that explains what the document is about.
  • Divide the document into sections to make it more reader-friendly.
  • Use headings to name sections. Use H2 (##) for the main sections and H3 (###) for the sub-sections. Do not use headings smaller than H3 as they do not display well.
  • Provide any relevant links to the related external documentation. However, do not use cross-references between documents in the kyma/docs folder. Mention the related document title instead and put the document name in bold.
  • Do not mix different concepts in one document. Instead, describe them in separate documents.
  • Follow the 03-{00}-{document-title}.md convention to name the document. The title must summarize what the document is about.
  • If there is only one document of a certain type, remove the type metadata completely so that the document displays well on the UI.

For reference, see the existing Details document concerning the Application Connector security.

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