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NOTE: Blockquotes in this document provide instructions. Remove them from the final document.

This is a template for the Troubleshooting document type that explains all details needed for Kyma and its components' troubleshooting.

In the document:

  • Follow the 10-{00}-{document-title}.md convention to name the document.
  • The title must summarize what the document is about. You can name it after a particular problem it solves. For example, if a user gets an error called "Transport is closing" when they run a Helm command, you can entitle the troubleshooting document "Transport is closing" error. To learn more about how to use quotation marks in metadata, see this document.
  • In the body of the document:
    • Describe the problem from the user's perspective.
    • Explain the problem's possible cause, if needed.
    • Provide a solution.

For reference, see the existing Troubleshooting documents for Kyma.

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