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HTTP DB Service


This example demonstrates Kyma capabilities, such as HTTP endpoints that expose and bind a service to a database. The service in this example exposes HTTP endpoints used to create and read basic order JSON entities, as described in the service's API descriptor. The service can run with either an in-memory database or an MSSQL instance. By default, the in-memory database is enabled. The service in this example uses Go.


  • A Docker installation.
  • Kyma as the target deployment environment.
  • An MSSQL database for the service's database functionality. You can also use Azure MSSQL that you can provision using the Kyma Open Service Broker API.
  • A Namespace to which to deploy the example with the env: "true" label. For more information, read the related documentation.


Use these commands to build and run the service with Docker:

docker run -it --rm -p 8017:8017 http-db-service:latest

To run the service with an MSSQL database, use the DbType=mssql environment variable in the application. To configure the connection to the database, set the environment variables for the values defined in the config/db.go file.

The deployment folder contains .yaml descriptors used for the deployment of the service to Kyma.

Run the following commands to deploy the published service to Kyma:

  1. Export your Namespace as variable by replacing the {namespace} placeholder in the following command and running it:

    export KYMA_EXAMPLE_NS="{namespace}"
  2. Deploy the service:

    kubectl apply -f deployment/deployment.yaml -n $KYMA_EXAMPLE_NS

MSSQL Database tests

To run the unit tests on a real MSSQL database, run the following command on the root of the example:

docker run -ti -e 'ACCEPT_EULA=Y' -e 'SA_PASSWORD=Password!123' -p 1433:1433 -d microsoft/mssql-server-linux:2017-latest

The command starts a MSSQL database in a container.

username=sa password='Password!123' database=master tablename='test_orders' host=localhost port=1433 dbtype=mssql go test ./... -v

The command runs the specific unit tests for MSSQL databases with the environment information to connect to the previously started MSSQL database.

Deployment smoke test

Run the CURL command to verify that the service is running:

curl --request GET --url http://{host}:{port}/orders


Run the following command to completely remove the example and all its resources from the cluster:

kubectl delete all -l example=http-db-service -n $KYMA_EXAMPLE_NS