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Alert Rules Example


This example shows how to configure alert rules in Kyma and how to define a new alert rule for AlertManager.


  • Kyma as the target deployment environment.


You need access to the kyma-system Namespace to execute the described steps.

Configure a new alert

  1. Create a ConfigMap for the alert-rule.

    kubectl apply -f deployment/alert-rule-configmap.yaml -n kyma-system
  2. Run the port-forward command on the core-prometheus service to access the Prometheus dashboard.

    kubectl port-forward pod/prometheus-core-0 -n kyma-system 9090:9090

    Find the http-db-service-is-not-running rule here.

    As the http-db-service Deployment does not the exist, the alert is fired here.

Stop the alert from getting fired

  1. Export your Namespace as a variable. Replace the {namespace} placeholder in the following command and run it:

    export KYMA_EXAMPLE_NS="{namespace}"
  2. To stop the alert from getting fired, create a Deployment as follows:

kubectl apply -f ../http-db-service/deployment/deployment.yaml -n $KYMA_EXAMPLE_NS


Run the following commands to completely remove the example and all its resources from the cluster:

  1. Remove the http-db-service-is-not-running alert rule from the cluster.
kubectl delete cm -n kyma-system -l example=monitoring-alert-rules
  1. Run the following command to completely remove http-db-service and all its resources from the cluster:
kubectl delete all -l example=http-db-service -n $KYMA_EXAMPLE_NS