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Etcd Backup


The Etcd Backup triggers a backup process of the etcd cluster using the etcd-backup-operator. This application also removes the old backup files from the Azure Blob Storage (ABS). For more information, see the Use environment variables section.


To set up the project, use these tools:

  • Version 1.9 or higher of Go
  • The latest version of Docker
  • The latest version of Dep


This section explains how to use the Etcd Backup tool.

Run a local version

To run the application without building the binary file, run this command:

#!/usr/bin/env bash

export APP_LOGGER_LEVEL="debug"
export APP_KUBECONFIG_PATH="/Users/{User}/.kube/config"

export APP_WORKING_NAMESPACE="kyma-system"
export APP_ABS_CONTAINER_NAME={container_name}
export APP_ABS_SECRET_NAME={secret_name}
export APP_BLOB_PREFIX={prefix_name}

export APP_BACKUP_CONFIG_MAP_NAME_FOR_TRACING="sc-recorded-etcd-backup-data"
export APP_BACKUP_ETCD_ENDPOINTS="{endpoints}"
export APP_BACKUP_CLIENT_TLS_SECRET="core-service-catalog-etcd-etcd-client-tls" # If the TLS for the etcd is enabled.


go run main.go

For the description of the available environment variables, see the Use environment variables section.

Use environment variables

Use the following environment variables to configure the application:

Name Required Default Description
APP_LOGGER_LEVEL No info Show detailed logs in the application.
APP_KUBECONFIG_PATH No The path to the kubeconfig file that you need to run an application outside of the cluster.
APP_WORKING_NAMESPACE Yes The Namespace where the Etcd Backup application is executed.
APP_ABS_CONTAINER_NAME Yes The Azure Blob Storage container to store the backup.
APP_ABS_SECRET_NAME Yes The name of the Secret object that stores the Azure storage credential.
APP_BLOB_PREFIX Yes The name of the blob prefix to use to save the backup. Basically, it should be the name of the application for which the system performs the backup e.g. service-catalog
APP_BACKUP_ETCD_ENDPOINTS Yes The endpoints of the etcd cluster. When there are multiple endpoints, the backup operator retrieves the backup from the endpoint that has the most up-to-date state. The given endpoints must belong to the same etcd cluster. Multiple endpoints should be separated by comma.
APP_BACKUP_CONFIG_MAP_NAME_FOR_TRACING Yes The name of the ConfigMap where the path to the last successful ABS backup is saved.
APP_CLEANER_LEAVE_MIN_NEWEST_BACKUP_BLOBS Yes The number of blobs which should not be deleted even if they are treated as expired.
APP_CLEANER_EXPIRATION_BLOB_TIME Yes The duration used to check if a given blob should be deleted. If the blob.LastModified is earlier than the current time reduced by the APP_CLEANER_EXPIRATION_BLOB_TIME then the blob is removed.


Use the script to test your changes before each commit.

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