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Test infrastructure for the Kyma project.
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Test Infra

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The purpose of the test-infra repository is to store configuration and scripts for the test infrastructure used in the kyma-project organization.

Project structure

The test-infra repository has the following structure:

  ├── .github                     # Pull request and issue templates             
  ├── development                 # Scripts used for the development of the "test-infra" repository
  ├── docs                        # Documentation for the test infrastructure, such as Prow installation guides
  └── prow                        # Installation scripts for Prow on the production cluster    


The test-infra repository contains the whole configuration of Prow. Its purpose is to replace the internal Continuous Integration (CI) tool in the kyma-project organization.

If you want to find out what Prow is, how you can test it, or contribute to it, read the main document in the prow folder.

For more detailed documentation, such as installation guides, see the docs/prow subfolder.


FOSSA Status

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