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Kyma CCv2 Hackathon - Team Batman Returns

Team members

  • Sladana Tufegdzic
  • Andreas Brain
  • Lars Gregori

Use Cases

  • Batmobile gets damaged (via IoT sensor and Arduino) calls a Kyma URL. Damaged product is added to the shopping cart. Batman gets a notification.
  • To review a product, Batman (would get a notification) opens the review app and smiles or look angry. Depending on the result of a sentiment analysis a review text is automatically written. Batman don't write.
  • Some bad guy e.g. Joker orders a weapon. Batman gets a notification and deliver the rocket directly. Therefore the address from the bad guy is read (and used). Note: this is not GDPR conform, but the bad guy couldn't blame you.


  • Batman notification - iOS app
  • IoT Batmobile - Node.js app
  • Lambdas - Kyma
  • Sentiment Review App - static HTML (Cloud Foundry)