Build website using Gaia Flash Framework + Robotlegs + Signals.
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Build website using Gaia Flash Framework + Robotlegs + Signals.

Base on panaewa(Sobre Mi)'s Ant Script. Kudos for him!


1. Copy all stuff in this folder to your project's base folder.

2. Open build.xml, set Ant project name, and Flex sdk path.

3. Open, modify project settings.

4. Run Ant!


Kevin Cao ( )


v0.7.3: add skip feature: add skip="true" to page node in site.xml.
v0.7.2: compatible with FDT 4.4+
v0.7.1: update greensock
		fixed: open an external page using context menu will be blocked
v0.7.0: updated to work with robotlegs 1.4
		add FDT ant support
		scaffolding FDT's launch setting files
		add debug targets
		add release target
v0.6.7: fix property issue in build.xml
v0.6.6: add swffit (
		update gaia to 3.2.6f
		update greensock
v0.6.5: update pagckage's structure
v0.6.3: add create xfl file feature
v0.6.2: update robotlegs to v1.4
		update as3-signals to v0.8
		update greensock
		fix title in site.xml template
v0.6.1:	fix unicode problem while copying files.
v0.6.0: Must update! Memory leak fixed!
		rewrite structure, now using modular plugin.
		rewrite template.
		update robotlegs to v1.1.2
v0.5.7:	update robotlegs and SignalCommand plugin
		update greensock
		update as-signals to v0.7
v0.5.6:	skip non-exist page class in compile-page
		small fixes in page template
v0.5.5:	add PreloadScaffold
		small fixes in scaffold template
v0.5.4: update gaia to v3.2.2
v0.5.3:	added: create-build-info
v0.5.2: added: update asset's bytes function
		added: xml-remove-bytes
		fix xml-update-bytes bug
		removed: create-project
		remove unused script
		small fixes
v0.5.1: fix some issues in seo-scaffolding
v0.5.0: fix a SignalCommand bug
		update gaia to v3.2.1
		update robotlegs to v1.1.0
		update greensock
		update as3-signals
		minor folder structure changes
v0.4.0:	change default template.
		add default keep-as3-metadata compile parameter.
v0.3.2: update as3-signals to v0.6
v0.3.1:	Fixed - "get-branch" macro generate a wrong branch when page id contains uppercase char. 
v0.3.0: now support "package" attribute in page node. (panaewa)
		external page bug fixed. (panaewa)
v0.2.0:	Fix bug in "get-branch" macro.
		Add "refresh-site-xml" function.
		Refactor folder structure.
v0.1.0:	First version


Gaia Flash Framework				:
Robotlegs							:
Signals								:
Signals extension					:
Modular extension					:
ViewInterfaceMediatorMap extension	: