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The purpose of this repository is to test new or modified wrap files. Ultimately they should be added to meson wrapdb following the instructions in the Meson documentation.

To add a new project or version of a project:

  1. Create a new subfolder in patches named in the following manner:
    • If the archive that contains the subproject source files (specified in source_url of upstream.wrap, see below) contains a root folder, set the subfolder name to match the root folder name.
    • If the archive doesn't contain a root folder, set the subfolder name to 'project-version'.
  2. Inside this subfolder place the file(s) as they would apply to the project (do not include root folder of the archive if there is one)
  3. Also add an upstream.wrap file following this template:
    • directory must match the name of the subfolder for this project in the patches directory (see above). If there is no root folder, add the line lead_directory_missing=true to upstream.wrap.
    • source_filename does not have to match the filename of the archive downloaded from source_url.
      • This is how the source file will be saved in the subprojects/packagecache directory, so please name it ''.
      • The wrap generation script will use this value to create the name of the wrap file as 'project.wrap'.
  4. Review the output files (optional)
    1. Run the build.bash script. (Note that the wrap patch version should be 0.)
    2. Review the zip file created in the zips folder.
    3. Review the wrap file created in the wraps folder.
    4. IMPORTANT: Delete the zip file and wrap file created.
  5. IMPORTANT: Commit the new files in the patch folder.
  6. Run the build.bash script. (Note that the wrap patch version should be 1.)
  7. Commit the new zip file and wrap file with patch version 1.

To modify an existing project:

  1. Make required changes to an existing subfolder inside the patches folder.
  2. IMPORTANT: Commit the changes so that the wrap version will increment properly.
  3. Run the build.bash script.
  4. Review the updated zip file generated in the zips folder.
  5. Review the updated wrap file generated in the wraps folder.
  6. If the updated files are not correct, delete them, undo the last commit in git, and then go back to step 1.
  7. Commit and push the updated zip and wrap files.

To help differentiate and avoid potential naming conflicts when these projects are eventually added to wrapdb, the format of the zip file name differs from that of zip files downloaded from wrapdb.


Here: project-%ver-patches-$

For more information, see Meson's wrap documentation.

Tools to generate upstream.wrap as well as extract the files from a source tree are provided by Meson in the wrapdevtools repo. An example of using these tools is available here.