Datadog check plugin for Zabbix history
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Datadog checks for Zabbix history

To Datadog, from zabbix.

This checks zabbix database, and send metrics to datadog.


There are many Zabbix users. It's hard to migrate entirely them into Datadog. They might include critical target hosts, or switches, maybe using discovery. We want to use Datadog's beautiful dashboard, but continue to use zabbix and so on...

So, we collect metrics from Zabbix's database, and throw it into Datadog.


This only supports Zabbix using MySQL database, Postgres support isn't aimed, But pull requests are welcome!


Before using this, the python installed and MySQL-python package (for Python 2.x) or mysqlclient package (for Python 3) needs to be installed. and fix sys.path.append(...) of checks.d/

Before install, MySQL-python or mysqlclient requires:

  • Debian / Ubuntu / ... : apt intall -y libmysqlclient-dev
  • CentOS / RHEL / ... : yum install -y mysql-devel

After that, follow these steps:

  • Place the checks.d/ file to the checks directory (default is /etc/dd-agent/checks.d)
  • Copy the conf.d/zabbix.yaml.example file to the config directory and rename to zabbix.yaml (default is /etc/dd-agent/conf.d)
  • Restart the agent and run /etc/init.d/datadog-agent info to verify that the plugin is working.
    • You can use check command: sudo -u dd-agent dd-agent check zabbix


This checks supports multiple Zabbix's databases, items.

Currently, datadog checks supports only putting latest value, so the only last history of Zabbix can check. The threshold seconds how old Zabbix data is inserted can set using threshold_sec_getting_old_metrics.

Each item are to be set on zabbix_items:

  • host: Host in Zabbix
  • zabbix_item: Item name in Zabbix
  • datadog_item: Datadog metric name (don't use spaces!)
#    max_age_sec_getting_metrics_from_now: 1200

    - zabbix_db_name: 'ZABBIX_DB_NAME'
      zabbix_db_host: 'ZABBIX_DB_HOST'
      zabbix_db_user: 'ZABBIX_DB_USER'
      zabbix_db_password: 'ZABBIX_DB_PASSWORD'
         - host: 'lovery_switch'
           zabbix_item: 'Incoming Traffic'
           datadog_item: 'net.traffic.incoming'
#    - zabbix_db_name: 'SECOND_ZABBIX_DB_NAME'
#      zabbix_db_host: 'SECOND_ZABBIX_DB_HOST'
#      zabbix_db_user: 'SECOND_ZABBIX_DB_USER'
#      zabbix_db_password: 'SECOND_ZABBIX_DB_PASSWORD'
#      zabbix_items:
#          - host: 'my_server'
#            zabbix_item: 'Disk Usage'
#            datadog_item: 'disk.used'
#          - host: 'my_little_server'
#            zabbix_item: 'Load Average'
#            datadog_item: 'cpu.load.1'


Any questions, bug reports, patches are welcome on GitHub at kyontan/datadog-zabbix-history


Refer Also, this library is licenced as SUSHI-WARE LICENSE