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A minimal Twitter clone client built with React.
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Twitter Clone

A recreation of the Twitter Website

Netlify Status

This is a demo project meant for learning/teaching purposes. It is using a React front-end with a Twitter API developed concurrently in Elixir/Phoenix, but it should work well with any REST API backend.


As this is meant to be a replica of both the back-end and front-end of the Twitter site. The project will have as many features of modern Twitter as possible. This will include:

  • Account Creation
  • User Authentication (Login/Logout)
  • Create and Delete Tweets
  • Follow/Unfollow Users
  • View Timeline of Tweets from Followed Users
  • View Recommendations of Who to Follow
  • Like/Retweet Tweets
  • Filter Tweets by tags
  • View Trends

Installing / Getting started

npm start

Runs the app in the development mode.
Open http://localhost:3000 to view it in the browser.

The page will reload if you make edits.
You will also see any lint errors in the console.

npm test

Launches the test runner in the interactive watch mode.

npm run build

Builds the app for production to the build folder.
It correctly bundles React in production mode and optimizes the build for the best performance.

The build is minified and the filenames include the hashes.
Your app is ready to be deployed!


The code in this project is licensed under MIT license.

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