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Tiny RSpec clone for learning

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A tiny RSpec clone.

NOT a replacement for RSpec, NOR is it trying to be the new cool kid on the block.

RSpec is awesome and you should use that. For those tiny projects, you may have and want to try something new then do so :).

Then again there's MiniTest Spec which ships with Ruby 1.9.

I am learning ruby and wanted to understand how RSpec and DSLs work so i decided to write a tiny clone. Truth be told i got the idea from Destroy All Software which i highly recommend.

Some of the ideas for the test specs i got from:


Check out the github pages.


Just clone the repo require 'lib/speciny' and you're off.

Run your specs using:

bin/speciny spec/your_spec.rb

Just typing in bin/speciny will run any tests in your spec directory.

Help out

If you have any ideas, fixes, any refactoring, please do send it in. I'm learning ruby so any suggestions are welcome.


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