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Open Advice

This is the repository for the Open Advice book. You can find the LaTeX source of the book here.

Building a PDF

To build a pdf file out of the LaTeX source install pdflatex and run the command


If you don't have make, you can run:

pdflatex Open-Advice

To build all other formats run:

make all

Updating the book after changes

If you have made local changes to the source of the book and want to render a PDF again:

make clean

Installing pdflatex

On Debian-based systems, you can install "pdflatex" with:

sudo apt-get install texlive-latex-extra


"File `todonotes.sty' not found."

This means you need to run the above apt-get command, because you are missing one of the LaTeX extra packages.

"File `tocstyle.sty' not found."

If your distro doesn't have that you can download it from and place it in the root directory of the book.

Project Statistics

Project activity is tracked by - see for details.


The book and its content is licenced under CC-BY-SA. For questions about the book contact Lydia Pintscher at