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0:00:07 <michiel_l> (or if you don't want security)
00:45:58 <michiel_l> galfert: jancborchardt: my LibreDocs content is not loading anymore from my 5apps remoteStorage - I get a regular page and the titles are visible but the document content keeps 'Loading'.
00:46:29 <michiel_l> BTW: When I try to open LibreDocs with Konqueror I get a 404 Not Found /home/ubuntu/libredocs/static/missing.html
00:48:35 <galfert> michiel_l: my 5apps remotestorage is working with other apps, so it's probably a LibreDocs problem
00:49:59 <michiel_l> the todo app works for me as well
00:50:25 <michiel_l> it is sort of working, I see the correct titles of my notes, but not the content
00:54:07 <galfert> yes, same for me. so the "molto alpha" next to the title has its reasons ;)00:59:13 <michiel_l> Very different behaviour per browser for Libre Docs- Chromium normally works, Firefox doesn't do anything, Konquerer looks at the mime type (text instead of HTML) and offers to open in a text editor, Opera can't do anything - no CORS