ownCloud packaged as a .snap for Ubuntu Core.
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Snappy ownCloud

Note: This snap is no longer maintained. Please use the Nextcloud snap instead.

ownCloud server packaged as a .snap for Ubuntu Core. It consists of:

  • ownCloud 9.0.1
  • Apache 2.4
  • PHP 7
  • mysql 5.7
  • mDNS for network discovery

How to install

This ownCloud .snap is available in the store for release series 16 (e.g. Ubuntu 16.04). Install via:

$ sudo snap install owncloud

How to use

After install, assuming you and the Ubuntu Core device are on the same network, you should be able to reach the ownCloud installation by visiting <hostname>.local in your browser. If your hostname is localhost or localhost.localdomain, like on an Ubuntu Core device, owncloud.local will be used instead.

Upon visiting the ownCloud installation for the first time, you'll be prompted for an admin username and password. After you provide that information you'll be logged in and able to create users, install apps, and upload files.

Included CLI utilities

There are a few CLI utilities included:

  • owncloud.occ:
    • ownCloud's occ configuration tool. Note that it requires sudo.
  • owncloud.mysql-client:
    • MySQL client preconfigured to communicate with ownCloud MySQL server. This may be useful in case you need to migrate ownCloud installations. Note this it requires sudo.

Where is my stuff?

    • Apache and MySQL logs
    • MySQL database
    • ownCloud config
    • Any ownCloud apps installed by the user
  • $SNAP_DATA/../common (unversioned directory):
    • ownCloud data
    • ownCloud logs