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Pixelate is an Yakuake skin. I merely dislike all Yakuake skins that ever seen before (especially, the default one) and decided to make my own. Then I thought, that sharing my theme is a good way to make happy other Yakuake users. Use it, change it, sell it. Do whatever you want.


  1. Download theme;

  2. Launch Yakuake;

  3. Press “Open Menu” button, choose “Configure Yakuake…” option, locate to “Appearance” tab, press “Install skin…” button there, navigate to the downloaded archive and open it;

  4. Choose “Pixelate” skin and “Apply” it.

Directory structure

The pixelate directory contains all PNGs. You can manually zip them to tar.gz archive. When you do that, you'll have a skinpackage. To install it, read step 2 of installation guide. The xcf directory holds GIMP files. This is where you come in as designer. Xcf's directory structure is similar to pixelate. After editing the .xcf, you have to export PNG to pixelate directory. Make an archive from this directory and then install it. Oh, and don't forget about two configuration .skin files.


Kyrylo Silin (


This software is distributed under MIT License. See LICENSE for details.

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