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Pry Theme Collection


Pry Theme Collection is a compilation of themes for Pry Theme plugin for Pry REPL.


Put a theme file in $HOME/.pry/themes directory.

You can install a theme from the Collection via Pry Theme's CLI interface. For example, you can install tomorrow-night theme like so:

pry-theme install tomorrow-night

Contribution guide

Pull requests are welcome.

Creating a Pry Theme is a super simple task. Even your elder kitten can do that. In the first instance, please, check out "Creating a New Theme" article.


  1. For the repository.

  2. Put your theme in a separate directory (the directory should be named after your Pry Theme);

  3. Take a screenshot of your theme and put it in the same directory. The screenshot must have name screenshot.png.

    ProTip: pry-theme current --colors outputs a handy code snippet.

  4. Append a README file. Feel free to write README contents the way you like. On the merits, it would be awesome, if you described your screenshot (the font and its size and the background color you used).