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An easy way to customize Pry colors via theme files

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Pry Theme


The project is in its infancy, so do expect bugs.


Pry Theme is a plugin for Pry, which helps you to customize your Pry colors via prytheme files.


All you need is to install the gem. The pry-theme plugin will be detected and used automatically.

gem install pry-theme


Configuration file

Pry Theme ships only with two themes: pry-classic and pry-modern. In order to set up the desired theme, add the following line to your .pryrc:

Pry.config.theme = "theme-name"

The default theme is pry-classic (basically, you won't notice it, because it copies the default outlook of Pry, withouth the plugin). Let's change it to something more neoteric:

Pry.config.theme = "pry-modern"

That's all! Launch your Pry and you will see the changes.


Pry Theme has a command-line interface via Pry. Currently, it can't do much. The only thing you can do is to switch themes on the fly. Start Pry and type the following:

% pry --simple-prompt
>> pry-theme pry-classic

We just temporary changed our current theme to pry-classic.

Creating themes

It's not easy now, so let's just skip this paragraph :P

Adding new themes

Theme files should have .prytheme extension. All theme files should be in $XDG_CONFIG_HOME/pry-theme directory. Don't forget to change your .pryrc!


  • GNU/Linux (in future will support other popular platforms);
  • CRuby 1.9.3 (in future will support other implementations).


The project uses Zlib License. See LICENSE file for more information.

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