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2019-02-07 Kyrylo Silin
* version 0.5.0 released.
* rbtree.c: (rbtree_dump): fixed 'TypeError: instance of IO needed'
* rbtree.c: (RHASH_IFNONE): removed. Fixes compilation error
'expression is not assignable'
2009-01-27 OZAWA Takuma
* version 0.2.1 released.
* README: fixed documents.
* rbtree.c: ditto.
2009-01-23 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (RETURN_ENUMERATOR): do nothing if rb_enumeratorize not
* rbtree.c (RBTREE_IN_ITERATION): removed. it has been not used.
removed macros for Ruby 1.6.x.
* rbtree.c (cmpint): removed a few codes for Ruby 1.6.x.
* test.rb: ditto.
* test.rb: (assert_raise): removed an alias for RubyUnit. use
* extconf.rb: removed checking for inline keyword.
2009-01-21 OZAWA Takuma
* extconf.rb: removed gcc options for portability. Thanks to
Masatoshi SEKI.
2008-12-26 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (rbtree_each, rbtree_each_pair, rbtree_each_key,
rbtree_each_value, rbtree_reverse_each, rbtree_delete_if,
rbtree_reject_bang, rbtree_select): Return an enumerator if no
block is given.
2008-12-24 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (rbtree_s_create): check and convert argument inner arrays (assocs) using #to_ary.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_s_create): check and convert argument hash using #to_hash.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_s_create): RBTree#[] now takes assocs as source of rbtree conversion.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_to_hash): can't convert MultiRBTree to Hash.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_s_create): can't convert MultiRBTree to RBTree.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_s_create, rbtree_values_at): use long for loop counter instead of int.
2007-09-21 OZAWA Takuma
* extconf.rb: no gcc options for mswin32.
2007-02-01 OZAWA Takuma
* version 0.2.0 released.
2007-01-25 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): remove a warning.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_default): should not call default procedure if
no key is given.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_equal): returns true if two rbtrees have same
set of key-value set.
2004-10-27 OZAWA Takuma
* version 0.1.3 released.
2004-07-29 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (rbtree_bound): RBTree#bound(lower, upper = lower).
2004-07-11 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (MultiRBTree): new class. MultiRBTree allows duplicates
of keys.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_dump, rbtree_s_load): use Array as a storage
for performance improvement.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_equal, rbtree_initialize_copy, rbtree_update):
should use rb_obj_is_kind_of.
* rbtree.c (iter_lev): added to count iterator level for nesting
and thread-safety.
2004-06-29 OZAWA Takuma
* dict.c: remove codes Ruby/RBTree doesn't need. now not supposed
to use dict.c with other program.
* dict.h: ditto.
* dict.c (dict_equal): remove key_eql argument. use
dict->dict_compare to compare keys.
2004-06-20 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (rbtree_cmp): use rb_str_cmp if the type of keys is
* rbtree.c (rbtree_cmp): use rb_cmpint.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_user_cmp): ditto.
2004-06-12 OZAWA Takuma
* version 0.1.2 release.
2004-05-31 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (rbtree_initialize_copy): if an exception is raised in
the method rbtree is not modified.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_delete_if): if an exception is raised in the
block rbtree is not modified(no keys are deleted).
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): use rb_gc_force_recycle.
2004-05-24 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (rbtree_initialize_copy): use aset_i. duplicating a key
of string is fast because of copy-on-write.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): ditto.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_update): ditto.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_aset): no dict_lookup for better performance.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_update): was same whether a block is given or not.
2004-05-23 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (inspect_rbtree): add OBJ_INFECTs.
* rbtree.c (inspect_rbtree): change ``compare'' to ``cmp_proc''.
* rbtree.c (pp_block): ditto.
2004-04-26 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (rbtree_s_create): accept Hash argument.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_s_create): should just copy keys and values.
2004-02-19 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (pp_object_group): use id_object_group.
2004-02-16 OZAWA Takuma
* version 0.1.1 release.
2004-02-13 OZAWA Takuma
* README: rewritten.
* rbtree.c (document): incomplete document for rdoc.
2004-02-08 OZAWA Takuma
* test.rb (test_pp): add pretty printing test.
2004-02-07 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (rbtree_mark): should check rbtree and dict is
initialized. Thanks to Neil Spring.
2004-02-05 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (prettyprint): polish code.
* test.rb (assert_raise): alias of assert_raises for Ruby 1.6.x.
2004-02-02 OZAWA Takuma
* test.rb: clean code. no more RUnit support. use Test::Unit.
2004-01-29 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (rbtree_dump): optimization.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_s_load): ditto.
2004-01-27 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (readjust): RBTree#readjust() just readjusts elements
using current comparison block. use RBTree#readjust(nil) to set
default comparison block.
* extconf.rb (assertion): removed.
2004-01-14 OZAWA Takuma
* ctest/test.c: removed.
* ctest/testlib.c: ditto.
* ctest/testlib.h: ditto.
* ctest/Makefile: ditto.
2004-01-04 OZAWA Takuma
* version 0.1.0 release.
2004-01-03 OZAWA Takuma
* rbtree.c (rbtree_to_rbtree): new method.
* rbtree.c (each_pair_i, rbtree_bound_body, rbtree_delete_if_body,
select_i, update_block_i): use rb_yield_values.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_each): RBTree#each should yield single value.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_select): select(key..) is removed.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_fetch): always warn if default argument and a
block are supplied at the same time.
2003-08-12 takuma ozawa
* version 0.0.7 release.
2003-08-11 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_to_hash): copy default value.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): takes a Proc argument.
* rbtree.c (to_hash_i): optimization.
2003-08-09 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_merge): new method.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_select): select(key..) is deprecated.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_values_at): new method.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_initialized_copy): rbtree_copy_object changed to.
2003-07-27 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_dump): new method based on Ara Howard's code.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_s_load): ditto.
2003-03-25 takuma ozawa
* version 0.0.6 release.
2003-02-26 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): rbtree_modify.
2003-02-23 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_copy_object): use copy_i.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): ditto.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_aset): not freeze a key.
2003-01-24 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_aset): optimization.
2003-01-18 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_aset): not raise an exception if a dict is
full and the key has been contained.
2003-01-16 takuma ozawa
* version 0.0.5 release.
2002-12-26 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_alloc): new allocation framework.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_copy_object): changed become to copy_object.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_cmp): use NUM2INT in case nil returned.
* extconf.rb (assertion): assertion is off by default.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_aset): fixed a memory leak occured if the
comparison block raises an exception.
2002-11-24 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_pretty_print): new method.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_pretty_print_cycle): new method.
2002-11-22 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_inspect): format changed.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_user_cmp): use NUM2INT.
2002-10-29 takuma ozawa
* version 0.0.4 release.
2002-10-18 takuma ozawa
* extconf.rb (assertion): change name to assertion.
2002-10-12 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): assign Qnil to other's dict_context
after swap.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_bound): use dict_compare for range check.
2002-10-10 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): empty dict check.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): not use dict_readjust for better
* rbtree.c (rbtree_become): must copy dict_compare and
dict_context before copying nodes.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_delete_if): rbtree_modify.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_shift_pop): ditto.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_update): ditto.
* test.rb: Test::Unit.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): clear other's nodes after swap.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): assign Qnil to other's ifnone after
2002-10-07 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_update): self assignment check.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_update): replace duplicate value by return
value of block if given.
2002-10-03 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_become): self assignment check.
2002-09-24 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_cmp_proc): new method.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): if no block given, must assign Qnil
to context.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_inspect): format changed.
2002-09-23 takuma ozawa
* dict.c (dict_equal): empty test must be after similar test.
2002-09-22 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_update): convert argument to RBTree.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_become): ditto.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_eq): use rb_equal.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_eql): change name to rbtree_eq.
2002-09-20 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (RBTREE_FL_COPY): removed.
* ctest/test.c: rewritten in C. CppUnit is not required.
2002-09-18 takuma ozawa
* depend: new file.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_equal): no need to check RBTREE_PROC_DEFAULT.
* extconf.rb (inline) check for inline keyword.
2002-09-17 takuma ozawa
* version 0.0.3 release.
2002-09-16 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_reverse_each): new method.
2002-09-12 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_s_create): unset RBTREE_PROC_DEFAULT if the
argument is RBTree.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_clone): use rbtree_become.
* rbtree.c (version.h): not included.
2002-09-11 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_to_a): use OBJ_INFECT.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_to_hash): ditto.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_become): replaced by rbtree_replace.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_replace): removed. replace is implemented
useing rbtree_become.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_first_last): first or pop from empty tree
should not return its default proc.
2002-09-09 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_become): new method.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_clone): unset RBTREE_IN_ITERATION.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_replace): should copy ifnone.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_shift_pop): shift or pop from empty tree should
not return its default proc.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_default_proc): new method.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_equal): should check default values and
2002-07-19 takuma ozawa
* dict.c (alloc_node): must return NULL if a memory allocation
2002-07-13 takuma ozawa
* version 0.0.2 release.
2002-07-11 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_readjust): new method.
2002-07-10 takuma ozawa
* dict.c (dict_clone): clone object must copy must_unfreeze
2002-06-25 takuma ozawa
* dict.h (dnode_t): add must_freeze flag not to unfreeze already
freezed object.
2002-06-22 takuma ozawa
* rbtree.c (rbtree_first): new method.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_last): new method.
* rbtree.c (rbtree_pop): new method.
2002-06-14 takuma ozawa
* initial release.
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