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System Browser Client


NOTE: this is beta software. It contains bugs and sometimes is unresponsive.

System Browser Client is a desktop app for browsing Ruby code. Just click to get details about a module or class and explore its namespace or see the source of a method.

System Browser Client

The browser does not display information about behaviours in realtime. That is, if you launch the browser and define a class after it, the browser won't display it.


At the moment System Browser Client is not packaged, so you have to install it manually. Sorry about that.

  1. Install the server (gem install system_browser)
  2. Select a suitable distribution for your operating system and download it
  3. Unzip the downloaded archive
  4. Make sure the server can verify that the client is installed
    • For OSX drag the unzipped application to Applications folder
    • For GNU/Linux add the system_browser executable to your $PATH variable
  5. The client is installed and you are ready to work with the server now
  6. Important: do not run the client manually (the information will be missing)

Quick test. Start IRB and copy-paste this:

require 'system_browser'


  • Big thanks to @havenwood for helping me testing it on OSX


The project uses the Zlib License. See LICENCE.txt file for more information.

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