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Building script of Lin4Neuro based on Ubuntu-mini 16.04 (xenial)

This repository includes scripts to make Lin4Neuro from Ubuntu-mini.iso. It also includes installer-scripts for several neuroimaging software.

How to make Lin4Neuro with your own

Install Ubuntu-mini.iso

You can get iso of ubuntu 16.04 from

Install with this iso and select no packages during installation.

reboot the system and login.

Install the latest kernel for the version

linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge is the latest kernel for xenial. Install this with the followings;

sudo apt update
sudo apt -y full-upgrade
sudo apt -y install linux-image-generic-hwe-16.04-edge

Install git and clone this repository

After installation, install git, make ~/git directory, and clone this repository under ~/git. (You can save this repository wherever you like.)

LANG=C #if your LANG is other than English
sudo apt install git
mkdir git
cd git
git clone

Install the Lin4Neuro-base

First, run

cd lin4neuro-xenial

The script will bring a prompt as following;

    Which language do you want to build? (English/Japanese)
    1) English
    2) Japanese
    3) quit

Choose 1 or 2 depending on your language.

Then XFCE4.12 is installed. Upon installation, the system automatically reboots.

Installation of Neuroimaging software packages

Then, run

cd ~/git/lin4neuro-xenial

This will install several neuroimaging software packages listed below.

Version number is as of 9 Apr 2018.

  • 3D Slicer 4.8.1
  • Aliza
  • C3D 1.0.0
  • DSI Studio compiled on 17 Mar 2018
  • ITK-SNAP 3.6.0
  • Mango 4.0.1
  • MRIcroGL 14-July-2017
  • MRIcron 12-Oct-2016
  • ROBEX v12
  • Virtual MRI

Check the software packages are installed correctly.

After installation of the software above, close and re-open the terminai. Then, run

cd ~/git/lin4neuro-xenial

This script simply tries to run software listed above. If it is not installed correctly, you will see error messages in the terminal. Check it and correct.

Prepare for remastering

If everything is set, run


This will install customized Remastersys. Since remastersys stops developing, we customized the remastersys so it works for our need.

Configuration of remastersys is found in /etc/remastersys.conf

Modify the setting as you wish.


Now you are ready to remaster the system. Run


This will make an iso imagefile in /home/remastersys/remastersys.

You can share the iso with others.

Installer for other neuroimaging software packages

I also prepared the installer for popular software packages.

  • AFNI
  • ANTs
  • CONN 17f standalone
  • FreeSurfer
  • FSL
  • MRtrix3
  • SPM12 standalone

these installer can be found in lin4neuro-xenial/installer.