google reader clone in go on app engine
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go read

a google reader clone built with go on app engine and angularjs

how to host your own

  1. checkout the code
  2. create a new app engine application
  3. install the app engine SDK
  4. set your GOPATH, run the app, and run go get <package URL> when it complains about a needed import
  5. in app.yaml, change the first line to contain the name of the application you just created
  6. in the goapp folder, copy settings.go.dist to settings.go

[optional steps if you want google reader import support]

  1. sign up for some API keys at the google apis console
  2. fill in values for localhost and whatever your hostname is in the init() function of settings.go
  3. get a google analytics key and put it into the appropriate field in settings.go

[and finally, deploy]

  1. deploy with