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Kubernetes Native Policy Management

Hi there 👋 welcome to Kyverno!


Kyverno (κυβερνώ, Greek for "govern") is a Kubernetes policy engine and CNCF project that has the ability to validate, mutate, generate, and clean-up resources plus verify OCI container images for supply chain security guarantees--all without requiring any programming language. GitHub is Kyverno's home and here you can find all the interesting things the Kyverno community are working on.

Repository Index

Here's a brief guide to our most popular repositories and what's inside.

  • kyverno: The main application repository.
  • website: The source for the Kyverno website at
  • policies: The Kyverno policy library and test cases (with web frontend at
  • policy-reporter: The Kyverno Policy Reporter sub-project which shows policy reports in a graphical web-based front end.
  • playground: The Kyverno Playground sub-project which allows browser-based, graphical testing of Kyverno policies. The Kyverno Playground can also be used publicly here.
  • KDP: The Kyverno Design Proposals repository, where significant new enhancements and features are proposed.
  • demos: Any Kyverno demos that have been given usually store the sample policies and resources here.
  • chainsaw: An end-to-end, declarative testing tool anyone can use to test Kubernetes operators. Tests require no programming language/knowledge, just like Kyverno!


The documentation is available at which also contains a user-friendly sort and filter method for the entire Kyverno policy library.


We thrive on the community and would love you to participate with us. Please join us in the #kyverno channel on the Kubernetes workspace or the CNCF workspace.


  1. kyverno kyverno Public

    Kubernetes Native Policy Management

    Go 4.6k 693

  2. policies policies Public

    Kyverno policies for security and best practices

    Shell 245 177

  3. website website Public

    User docs and sample policies:

    JavaScript 28 118

  4. policy-reporter policy-reporter Public

    Monitoring and Observability Tool for the PolicyReport CRD with an optional UI.

    Go 217 58

  5. playground playground Public

    Powers the Kyverno playground

    Vue 20 5

  6. KDP KDP Public

    Kyverno Design Proposals

    13 24


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