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Welcome to Pull Request Club!

This repository is here to help you with the concept of pull requests. Pull requests are the most common way to contribute to open source projects these days.

This might be your very first Pull Request Club assignment. We hope you find this helpful and exciting!

⚠️ An important note for Hacktoberfest ⚠️

Please note that this README guides you through "how to submit your first pull request". It does so by making you add your name to a list of contributors. THIS WILL NOT COUNT TOWARDS YOUR HACKTOBERFEST POINTS. These PRs will be marked as "INVALID" by us. In order to gain Hacktoberfest points via this repository, please submit meaningful contributions, such as updating this very document and make it easier to read, easier to understand, easier to follow etc. Or perhaps add documentation to submit a PR via command line, you get the idea.

Learn more about Hacktoberfest Values at this link.

What should I do now?

Your assignment is submitting a Pull Request to this very repository. We recommend adding your name (and a comment if you like) to and submitting just that. Make sure you are logged in to your GitHub account. Here's how to proceed:

1) Fork the Repository

You need to "fork" (make a copy of) this repository. See, this repository is called kyzn/welcome-to-prc, where kyzn is my username. Unless you have write permissions, you won't be able to make any changes to it. There is a useful "Fork" button at the top right of this page.

You should click that button to get your own copy. If you are in a GitHub organization, you may see a prompt that looks like below.

If you see that, we recommend you choose your own name (the one at the top).

Now you have your own copy, in your own namespace. You can modify it as you like.

2) Make some changes

Now find the file

If you click on the filename, GitHub will show you the file. There, find the "pencil" icon to edit.

Clicking that will show you the file editor.

Add your name and any comments you have to the end of the file.

3) Commit your changes

On the same page, scroll to the bottom. Find this commit panel.

While "Commit directly to the main branch" is selected, click "Commit changes".

4) The Pull Request

Go back to the home page of your forked repository. There, you should see a note that says "This branch is 1 commit ahead".

That note comes with a "Pull request" button on the right. Click that.

Click "Create pull request" to reveal a message editor.

Feel free to leave a pull request comment. Then click "Create pull request".

Above is how your "open" pull request will look like. At this point, you can go back to Pull Request Club and mark your assignment as done. Great job!

Your pull request will look like this once it's merged. At this point, you can delete your forked repository.

5) Done!

You did great!

If you would like to improve this documentation, you are most welcome! Just submit some more pull requests.

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