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lifx-jasper is a Jasper module built to control all of your LIFX lights using your voice.

lifx-jasper utilises:

  • the LIFX HTTP Cloud API using the lifx-cli application by executing its commands in the shell
  • the LIFX Python SDK for basic commands such as on/off/toggle.

The reason for building this project is because I have a single LIFX light situated in my bedroom which I would like to control using my voice. Therefore, this repository will not have the handling of individual lights in mind, although it may be something I will consider in the future.


Requires Python 2.7+.

  1. Navigate to ~/jasper/client/modules folder, assuming that your Jasper files are situated under your home directory
  2. Clone this repository into /tmp or any temporary folder that can be deleted afterwards and move into the modules folder
  3. Clone lifx-cli to a folder such as ~/lifx-cli
  4. Follow the lifx-cli installation in its README, including the creation of its lifx-token file
  5. Run sudo pip install lifx-sdk to install the Python LIFX SDK.
  6. Create the file ~/.lifx-jasper/config.yml based on this repository's config.yml file
  7. Boot Jasper and you should be ready to go!

Usage and Commands

To activate the LIFX module, your speech command must include light or lights. For example, you can say lights on to turn all lights on. Here is a list of other commands:

  • on or enable - Turns all lights on - e.g., lights on
  • off or disable - Turns all lights off - e.g., lights off
  • preset [preset] changes the light color to the specified preset's color (from config.yml) and turns the light on (if it is switched off). Specified in config.yml, the preset names range from alpha to echo - e.g., lights toggle alpha
  • Just saying light or lights toggles all lights - e.g., lights


Please see for more details.


Control your LIFX lights using this Jasper module. August 2015.





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