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Helpful utilities to make our work with eyeo easier
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Eyeo helpers



Eyeo helpers is a small Chrome extension that contains tools to help make our jobs at Eyeo easier. Pull requests welcome if you have any ideas for what else this extension could do.


Click here to install the Eyeo helpers extension

Once installed the extension should keep itself updated automatically. I'm hoping we can add more useful functionality in the future.


Links to issues from code reviews

The extension "linkifies" the issue numbers in code reviews, that way you can quickly click to view related issues when reviewing code. (Thanks Sergz!)

Trac user prediction

Trac user prediction demo

The extension helps speed up and improve the suggestions when typing user names into the CC / Assignee fields in our issue tracker . (Thanks to Sebastian for the much improved searching algorithm!)

Webmate test machine web client key toggles

The extension adds simple toggles for the shift, control, windows and alt keys. The buttons appear above the main window in the "Actions: " section. Click a key's name once to "hold it down" and again to release. This allows for pressing of tricky key combinations.


ESLint is used along with eslint-config-eyeo. Please see the README for more information.

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