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This repository serves to group together a bunch of scripts I've been writing to assist in the development process with the Telit 862GPS. They are all designed for Linux with the exception of the bulkdownload script which is for Windows.

I recommend also checking out my blog post on the 862 for some more details.

Useful script to send Python code to the Telit unit via GNU screen. Supports uploading plain sourcecode and cross-compilation using TelitPy1.5.2+_v4.1.exe and Wine. Handles files above 7kb and (if patch below) is applied produces identical .pyo's to the unit itself.

Allows for a nice workflow as you can type commands into the GNU Screen session and then, without closing things, send files using this script. Just requires Python, GNU Screen and optionally Wine + Telit Python so it's easy to get running on most systems.

(See the usage help and also header of the file for more details.)

Handy script designed to be run on the Telit unit itself. It dumps all pyo files to serial in a friendly hex format that's easy to reconstruct.

Lovely script that takes the output of and reconstructs all of the pyo files. It checks the length against what was reported to highlight problems.


Patch for the /Python/Lib/ cross compiling script contained in TelitPy v4.1. Not vital but it replaces the timestamp with FF's as the Telit unit itself does, I only noticed the difference when I was troubleshooting a problem transmitting binary files accross the serial line.

Python REPL (evaluate Python interactively) for the Telit module. Handy for testing things although it's power is limited by the eval() function's limitations.


Script to automate Python transfer if you're using the standard Telit tools on a windows machine.

  • Put in C:\Program Files\Python\Lib
  • Put bulkdownload.bat in a directory containing pyo or py files
  • Click the batch file to have all the py files in the same directory compiled to pyo and then all the pyo files downloaded
  • If you want to avoid the constant "Download complete" alerts apply the included patch to in C:\Program Files\Python\Lib


A bunch of handy development scripts for embedded development on the Telit 862






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