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My configuration for vim editor


  • Linux: make install-vim

Installed Plugins

  1. NERD Commenter (Version: 2.3.0)
  2. Pyflakes.vim (Version: 3.01)
  3. Snipmate (Version: f5a75d07)
  4. TaskList (Version: 1.0.1)

Vim Cheat Sheet

  • <leader> == \

Explorer Mode

  • entering explorer mode: :E or :Explore
  • commands in explorer mode:
    • o opens the file in a horizontal split
    • v opens the file in a vertical split
  • More Info

Multiple Windows

Split window and open file:

  • :split file - split window horizontally and load file
  • :vsplit file - split window vertically and load file

Move cursor to another window:

  • Ctrl+w arrow - move cursor to another window
  • Ctrl+w Ctrl+w - move cursor to another window (cycle)

Resize windows:

  • Ctrl+w _ or Ctrl+w | - maximize window horizontally/vertically
  • Ctrl+w = - resize windows to equal size

NERD Commenter Plugin

In visual mode:

  • <leader>cc - comment out selection
  • <leader>cu - uncomment selection


  • ]s - move to next misspelled word
  • [s - move to previous misspelled word
  • z= - suggest correctly spelled words
  • zg - mark word as a good word
  • zb - mark word as a bad word

Word Completion

In insert mode, type the first couple of characters of a word, then press:

  • Ctrl-n to insert the next matching word; or
  • Ctrl-p to insert the previous matching word.

Other Interesting Plugins

  1. Pythoncomplete
  2. TagList
  3. YouCompleteMe