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An Online Latent Dirichlet Allocation with Infinite Vocabulary implementation in Python.
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PyInfVoc is an Online Latent Dirichlet Allocation with Infinite Vocabulary topic modeling package based on Variational Bayesian learning approach under online settings, developed by the Cloud Computing Research Team in [University of Maryland, College Park] ( You may find more details about this project on our paper [Online Latent Dirichlet Allocation with Infinite Vocabulary] ( appeared in ICML 2013.

Please download the latest version from our GitHub repository.

Please send any bugs of problems to Ke Zhai (

Install and Build

This package depends on many external python libraries, such as numpy, scipy and nltk. After downloading the source code packages, unzip the datasets to the 'input' directory. The package includes a few fundamental datasets --- ap, de-news and 20-newsgroup datasets.

Launch and Execute

Assume the PyInfVoc package is downloaded under directory $PROJECT_SPACE/src/, i.e.,


To prepare the example dataset,

tar zxvf de-news.tar.gz

To launch PyInfVoc, first redirect to the directory of PyInfVoc source code,

cd $PROJECT_SPACE/src/PyInfVoc

and run the following command on example dataset,

python -m launch_train --input_directory=./de-news/ --output_directory=./ --truncation_level=4000 --number_of_topics=10 --number_of_documents=9800 --training_iterations=100 --vocab_prune_interval=10 --batch_size=98 --alpha_beta=100

The generic argument to run PyLDA is

python -m launch_train --input_directory=$INPUT_DIRECTORY/$CORPUS_NAME --output_directory=$OUTPUT_DIRECTORY --number_of_topics=$NUMBER_OF_TOPICS --number_of_documents=$NUMBER_OF_DOCUMENTS --training_iterations=$TRAINING_ITERATIONS --batch_size=$BATCH_SIZE

You should be able to find the output at directory $OUTPUT_DIRECTORY/$CORPUS_NAME.

Under any circumstances, you may also get help information and usage hints by running the following command

python -m launch_train --help
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