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Mono is made up of many pieces of code, all of them open source, but
different pieces of Mono use different licensing terms.
For comments, corrections and updates, please contact
* Dual Licensing
Parts of Mono are dual licensed, they are available to the
public in GPL or LGPL forms, but we also offer those pieces
under commercial terms from Xamarin for the cases wher the GPL
and the LGPL are not suitable.
We have tried to pick the licenses that will maximize adoption
of Mono, so we tend to use the MIT X11 or LGPL liceses.
Contributions to dual-licensed module require that the author
contributes the code under the terms of the MIT X11 code, or
to sign an agreement that allows Novell to redistribute the
code under other licenses.
Contributions for other modules should be under the same license
terms as the rest of the module, or under MIT X11 terms.
For the actual license links in the Mono distribution see the
bottom of this file.
If you need further information, please contact
* The Modules
** mono/mono: the Mono VM
This code is dual licensed under the LGPL or commercial licenses.
The LGPL ensures that Mono can be used in most scenarios, but
gives Xamarin the flexibility to relicense the code for
embedded systems, static linking or commercial settings where
the LGPL can not be used.
We consider non-LGPL use instances where you use this on an
embedded system where the end user is not able to upgrade the
Mono VM or Moonlight installation or distribution that is part
of your product (Section 6 and 7), you would have to obtain a
commercial license from Xamarin (consider software burned into
a ROM, systems where end users would not be able to upgrade,
an embedded console, a game console that imposes limitations
on the distribution and access to the code, a phone platform
that prevents end users from upgrading Moonlight).
Contact for details on obtaining the Mono
runtime under other terms.
** mono/support: MonoPosixHelper and support code
This code is dual licensed under the LGPL or commercial licenses, with
the same guidelines as mono/mono code.
The ZLib files are included under a "new BSD"-style license.
** mono/eglib: Mono's X11 glib implementation
This is a minimal subset of glib that is to be licensed under
the terms of the MIT X11, this means that this code can be
used for any purposes by anyone.
** mono/metadata/sgen*: Mono's Copying Collector
This new garbage collector is licensed under the terms of
the MIT X11 license, in hopes that the GC could be reused
by third party projects, follows the same spirit than the
Boehm GC.
** mono/arch/*/XXX-codegen.h
This are C macros that are useful when generating native
code on various platforms. This code is MIT X11 licensed.
** mcs/mcs, mcs/gmcs
The C# Compilers (1.0 and 2.0)
These compilers are dual licensed under the GPL and MIT X11
license terms.
** tests
Unless explicitly stated, the tests are under the MIT X11 license.
** mcs/class
The class libraries developed by the Mono team are licensed
under the MIT X11 terms.
In addition to the class libraries developed by the Mono team,
there are a number of class libraries that we bundle as part
of the distribution that were integrated from third-parties or
that contain code that was originally licensed under different
terms, these are:
ByteFX.Data: LGPL
Npgsql: LGPL
FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird: Firebird public license.
See: mcs/class/FirebirdSql.Data.Firebird/license.txt
ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib, GPL with exceptions.
See: mcs/class/ICSharpCode.SharpZipLib/README
** mcs/class/System.Core/System/TimeZoneInfo.Android.cs
This is a port of Apache 2.0-licensed Android code, and thus is
licensed under the Apache 2.0 license:
** mcs/tools
These are licensed under the MIT X11 license, except where the
GPL is explicitly used.
** mcs/jay
This is a port of Berkeley yacc, so it is available under the BSD
license. See the license in the individual C files for details.
** mono/man
Manual pages and Mono documentation are covered by the MIT X11 license.
* samples
The code in the "samples" directory is released under the MIT X11 license.
* The Licenses
These are the licenses used in Mono, the files are located:
GNU GPL: details avaliable in the file mcs/LICENSE.GPL
GNU LGPL: details available in the file mcs/LICENSE.LGPL
MIT X11: text available in the file mcs/MIT.X11
MPL: text available in the file mcs/LICENSE.MPL