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The OctoHook.AutoTask package extends GitHub Issues by automatically creating and maintaining task lists across referenced issues.

Tasks lists are a really nice way to get a quick overview of the completion status of a given feature or user story:

Automatic Task List via OctoHook.AutoTask

AutoTask will automatically create a task list on referenced issues, that will automatically be checked whenever the referencing issue is closed. In the above screenshot, issue #496 simply has a #495 reference in the body:

Closed task with a reference

Since the task was closed, its corresponding item in the #495 issue task list is checked automatically. If you now closed #498, it would become checked right afterwards too via AutoClose.

AutoClose works with cross-repository references too, so you can automatically notify completion status on other repositories.


Install the OctoHook.AutoTask nuget package on your Web API project:

PM> Install-Package OctoHook.AutoTask
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