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Commits on Aug 21, 2013
  1. @clouserw

    Merge pull request #987 from alexmiog/alexmiog_el

    clouserw authored
    Some strings for greek l10n just to begin
  2. @robhudson
  3. @dash1291
  4. @diox

    Merge pull request #1026 from diox/collections-locales-tweaks

    diox authored
    Always return all translations in Collections API, and add default_language (bug 907181)
  5. @cvan

    fix packaged-app tests

    cvan authored
  6. @robhudson
  7. @chuckharmston

    Merge pull request #1021 from chuckharmston/906143-app_collection_names

    chuckharmston authored
    Include app names, IDs in collection APIs (bugs 906143, 906204)
  8. @robhudson
  9. @robhudson
  10. @cvan
  11. @moz-verbatim

    Merge pull request #1027 from JasnaPaka/master

    moz-verbatim authored
    L10N update for Czech (cs).
  12. @chuckharmston
  13. @robhudson
  14. @cvan
  15. @cvan
  16. @robhudson
  17. @diox

    Merge pull request #1025 from diox/reviewers-search-premium-flag

    diox authored
    Make premium apps get their flag in reviewer searches as well (bug 907697)
  18. @diox

    Documentation tweaks

    diox authored
  19. @diox
  20. @mattbasta

    Bump app-validator

    mattbasta authored
  21. @JasnaPaka

    L10N update for Czech (cs).

    JasnaPaka authored
  22. @diox
  23. @diox

    Merge pull request #1022 from diox/reviewers-search-premium

    diox authored
    Make sure premium apps are not filtered out of reviewers search (bug 903064)
  24. @diox
Commits on Aug 20, 2013
  1. @cvan

    fix mkt.collections tests

    cvan authored
  2. @cvan
  3. @cvan

    tweak padding a bit

    cvan authored
  4. @mattbasta

    Update app manifest docs URL

    mattbasta authored
  5. @cvan

    visual polish to dev_phone page

    cvan authored
  6. @cvan

    Update to dev_phone.html template, to include new information on geek…

    Chris Mills authored cvan committed
    …sphone, docs and tools, and contributing to the community.
  7. @dash1291
  8. @diox

    Merge pull request #1020 from diox/collections-default-manager-fix

    diox authored
    Add a non-filtering default manager to Collections, fixes weird bugs on save (bug 906939)
  9. @mattbasta

    Bump amo-validator

    mattbasta authored
    Includes TB21 compat updates
  10. @washort
  11. @diox

    Merge pull request #1012 from diox/collections-uniqueness-checks

    diox authored
    Make Featured Apps & Operator Shelf collections unique for a region/carrier/category/type combination (bug 894643)
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