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Weather in your terminal
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cities added cities + countries within repo
countries added cities + countries within repo useless var is a small bash script that outputs weather data for a city directly in your terminal. It uses wget. sed and awk mostly. Weather data comes from

  • Author : Laurier Rochon
  • Website :


wget --quiet && \
chmod +x && \
alias weather=./

Valid usage examples

Basic syntax : weather city_name (state/province) country_code

For names containing spaces, enclose in double quotes ("")

  • weather montreal qc ca
  • weather amsterdam nl
  • weather "new york"
  • weather "san jose" ca us
  • weather "cape town" ZA

If all goes well, response will be as follows :

  • It's currently -17°C (°F), in Cape Town ZA.

If multiple options are available for the given input, such choices will appear :

Did you mean:
1) 'New York, NY, US'       5) 'New York,  MX'
2) 'West New York, NJ, US'   6) 'New York, I9, GB'
3) 'New York Mills, MN, US'  7) None, make a new search
4) 'New York Mills, NY, US'
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