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Plugin that displays room temperature on navbar

Based on OctoPrint-NavbarTemp by imrahil (https://github.com/imrahil/OctoPrint-NavbarTemp)

This plugin displays room temperature on navbar via a ds18b20 sensor connected to pin n°4 of your raspberry Pi


1 - Connect your ds18b20 sensor to your Pi (see Howto below)

2 - Install the roomTemp plugin using Plugin Manager

Howto: Connecting your ds18b20 sensor

1 - Connecting your ds18b20 sensor to the Pi:


2 - Then connect to your Octopi via ssh.

3 - we first need to open up the boot config file, this can be done by running the following command:

	sudo nano /boot/config.txt

4 - At the bottom of this file enter the following.


5 - Once done save & exit by pressing ctrl x and then y.

6 - Now reboot the Pi by running the following command.

	sudo reboot

6.1 - If display doesn't work you may have to type the following commad in terminal:

sudo modprobe w1-gpio && sudo modprobe w1_therm

and then reboot again:

sudo reboot

7 - Enjoy !!