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qr2scad QR code to OpenSCAD converter

Why use this? If someone sees the QR code on your thing in real life, they can find the design and make their own copies with just a photo of it. Theoretically, you could even assign this job to a machine, looking around the web (or your tool box) for things that can be duplicated.

Installation / upgrade

pip install --upgrade

To install a specific version X.Y.Z (only 0.6.2 onward):

pip install

How to use

  1. Create an OpenSCAD file with your QR code:

     qr2scad < qr_code.png > qr_code.scad
  2. include qr_code.scad in your OpenSCAD file.

  3. difference the qr_code module from a flat surface.

  4. Create the thing.

  5. Use a marker, paint or other substance to fill the holes with a contrasting color.

  6. Clean off excess color to get a crisp, scannable QR code.