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.color ICC profiles
.config PCManFM configuration
.imapfilter Don't need minimal function
.kde4 Default cropping to current aspect ratio
.screenlayout Remove "i" characters for interlaced resolutions
.signatures Replace cleanup script with Makefile targets
.stellarium Configure localisation
.vim Load custom plugin after other plugins
doc Formatting
examples Use POSIX syntax for maximum length argument lists in `find`'s `-exec`
make-includes @ 7125a70 Use separate submodule for generic makefile includes
patches Fix /etc/lightdm/Xsession when updating
scripts Remove unused script
shell-includes @ 628d8bc Use latest shell includes
.Xmodmap Try another configuration for Caps Lock as compose key
.Xresources Sort .Xresources
.ackrc Add .mk to makefiles
.bash_history Set up automatic rebase on a branch
.bashrc Remove "prompt at the bottom of XTerm" hack
.gitattributes Use ODF diff for .ott files
.gitconfig Use rebase by default when pulling
.gitmodules Use separate submodule for generic makefile includes
.inputrc Flip through autocompletion matches with Shift-Tab
.offlineimaprc Whitespace fixes using previous commit
.perltidyrc tA settings
.profile Remove rbenv configuration
.quiltrc-dpkg Quilt configuration for Debian packaging
.screenrc `screen` scrollback buffer
.toprc Color and bold everywhere
.vimrc Load plugin for each buffer
.xprofile Enable monitor color profile
LICENSE.txt Create LICENSE.txt
Makefile Revert "Specify the sort locale"
README.markdown Fix singular grammar


Home directory scripts and configuration

Build Status

These files are mostly my own settings and tools, but some may be more generally useful.

This will probably be moved to a separate project after a while:

  • scripts/ - Check for duplicate files in two directories.


git clone --recursive git://
cd tilde
make test # Optional
make install # NOT as root
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