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Linux home directory configuration and utilities
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.signatures “In a real democracy, citizens have a right to privacy, while governm… Jul 11, 2015
.stellarium Configure localisation Feb 23, 2014
.vim Load custom plugin after other plugins Jan 16, 2014
examples Use POSIX syntax for maximum length argument lists in `find`'s `-exec` Jun 26, 2013
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.gitconfig Set Git GUI fonts Apr 11, 2016
.inputrc Clarify .inputrc comments Mar 5, 2015
.perltidyrc tA settings Jan 4, 2011
.profile Remove rbenv configuration Jul 30, 2014
.quiltrc-dpkg Quilt configuration for Debian packaging Aug 14, 2012
.toprc Color and bold everywhere Feb 24, 2011
.xprofile Remove `xss-lock` notifier configuration Nov 15, 2015
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Home directory scripts and configuration

Build Status

These files are mostly my own settings and tools, but some may be more generally useful.

This will probably be moved to a separate project after a while:

  • scripts/ - Check for duplicate files in two directories.


git clone --recursive git://
cd tilde
make test # Optional
make install # NOT as root
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