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# quietKali

quietKali is a tool to silence your Kali installation. If you have ever been on a red team engagement and have been found out because your hostname contained the word "kali" or your Kali box inadvertently attempted to contact Kali servers, you need quietKali.

quietKali will disable access to Kali servers, change your MAC address (to hide your true identity), and change your hostname.

# Usage

--on, Enable quietKali. This will modify your machine to keep from connecting to Kali servers.
--off, Disable quietKali. This will remove settings set when turning on quietKali and allow you to connect to Kali servers again. quietKali must be off to run apt-get update and install.
--mac (-m), Change MAC address. Specify the interface you want to change the MAC address of. If using the --hostname (-n) option, the MAC address will be changed to match the type of host you are emulating.
--hostname (-n), Set hostname. Valid options are random, router, printer, workstation, server, or manual. Manual will request a string to use as the hostname, which will allow you to match to the customer environment better.
--revert, Revert changes. Will turn off quietKali and restore settings for mac and hostname changes.

# Planed Development

1.  I am looking to add more potential hostnames. Currently they are randomly selected from the contents of the files in the names directory.
2.  Set MAC address to match the type of device you are emulating. So if you choose a printer hostname, the MAC address will be a random one with the OUI of a printer manufacturer. 
3.  Other?... If you have ideas, let me know!