A curated list of awesome ActionHero.js resources!
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Awesome ActionHero.js Awesome

The Reusable, Scalable, and Quick node.js API Server!

A curated list of amazingly awesome ActionHero.js 14.0.0+ plugins, resources and shiny things.

Table of Contents


One tiny note when installing plugins, remember to link them to your projects to enable them - use the following command npm run actionhero link -- --name PLUGINNAME.

API Features

Plugins enhancing API control and other features.

  • ah-ratelimit-plugin - Limit the amount of action requests.
  • ah-swagger-plugin Swagger UI Documentation ## Authentication and Authorization Plugins for implementing authentication and authorization.
  • ah-jwtauth2-plugin - This useful plugin is using Auth0 jsonwebtoken to allow token authentication of actions.
  • ah-passport-plugin - Passport plugin for ActionHero.


Misc plugins for ActionHero.

  • ah-stats-plugin - collection of methods that allow you to store arbitrary statistics about your server.


Third party node.js modules as plugins.

  • ah-airbrake-plugin - ActionHero client for airbrakeapp.com, capture and track your apps exceptions.
  • ah-newrelic-plugin - ActionHero client for newrelic.com, pinpoint your apps performance issues.
  • ah-nodemailer-plugin - send emails using nodemailer in ActionHero, has integrated mail template capability.

ORM and Datamapping

Plugins that implement object-relational mapping or data-mapping techniques.



Code example (demo) applications and tools.


Books and Articles

Fantastic ActionHero-related (e)books and other reading material.


Fantastic ActionHero-related videos.


Must-do tutorials.

  • Official tutorial - This tutorial will guide you through the basics of ActionHero.js!

Reading and Listening

Documentation and ActionHero-releated reading and listening materials.

  • Official blog - The one who started it all! Evan Tahler has a blog right there.

Internals Reading

Reading materials related to the ActionHero internals and decisions.


Where to get help.


None so far. Help us arrange one.


Please see CONTRIBUTING for details.