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An Arduino standalone based Open Source Weather Station which is connected to
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Openweathermap + Arduino = OpenWeatherDuino:
An Arduino based standalone Open Source Weather Station which is connected to
This is an very early Version, but it works quite fine and is stable. If you find any bugs, please report them at .
More features will be added in near future, so make sure to check back soon.


  • Don't set the UploadCycle variable to less than 30 minutes.
  • The ESP8266 is NOT 5v tolerant. Please use a TTL level shifter and a addtional powersupply with at least 500mA at 3.3v, because the 3.3v from the Arduino are not sufficiant
  • The script is very new, so check back soon for more improvements


  • Transfering Temperature, Humidity and Location (More will be added soon) via the Openweathermap-API
  • Uses the inexpensive DHT11/DHT22 for Humidity and Temperature via the arduino-DHT by markruys
  • Only 20kb small
  • Sends the data via Ethernet (Wifi is WIP) to the Openweathermap


  • All Versions

  • Ethernet version:

    • Arduino Ethernet shield
    • Arduino with 32kb of flash or more
  • WiFi version (recommended):

    • Arduino with 16kb of flash or more
    • ESP8266 WIFI Serial Module
    • 3.3v power supply (I used a TI LM3940 at my 5v VCC of my Arduino)

How to

  • Download the recent Arduino IDE from
  • Insert your Openweathermap-credentials in Base64 encoded format and a display name(WIFI:also SSID and passphrase needed)
  • Upload to the Arduino
  • If you like my work buy me a beer




  • Adding more sensors
  • Wifi Module (ESP8266)
  • Adding a UV-Index sensor with brightness sensor (maybe Adafruit SI1145)
  • porting the whole Openweathermap-API
  • Pictures
  • Creating a logging-to-SD fork
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