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Latest commit 8b2e9ae Jan 3, 2018 is a system for simplifying the localization and internationalization process of your product

For more information check

Localization system contains in sub-projects:


Application with UI for managing localization content

Getting Started

You can build latest version of portal from source code with gradle or download artifact.


JRE and Servlet Container must be installed for using L10n applications. PostgreSQL database need to be installed as well. We recommend to use Tomcat 7


Copy artifact in 'webapps' directory in installed servlet container and start it.

Built With

  • Gradle - Dependency Management
gradlew :l10n-portlal:war
gradlew :l10n-api:war

Database Versioning

We use Liquibase for database versioning.



This project is licensed under the Apache License - see the file for details