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This is a mirror of

Interface for browsing ri/ruby documentation.

Defines the following commands:

  :Ri <arg>
      Lookup the given argument.

  :RiExpand <arg>
      Lookup the given argument but prefix the class/module name
      when in Ri class buffer[1].

and the following mappings:

  <M-i>  Clean prompting for lookup word.
  <M-I>  Prefix class/module if any before prompting. (ex: Array#)

Lookups can also be done using the word under the cursor (WUC)

      Gready expansion of WUC. This will work for both the
      '', 'Hash#each' and 'Kernel::block_given?' way of
      specifying a method.

      Not so gready expansion of WUC but will also prefix the
      class/module when in a Ri class/module buffer[1]. This makes
      it possible to lookup 'Array#each' by invoking it with
      the cursor places on 'each' in the 'Array' class buffer. 

[1] A Ri class/module buffer is a buffer showing all the methods belonging
    to a class or modul. Example: typing ':Ri Hash' followed by enter in
    normal mode with the ri plugin loaded will open the 'Hash' class buffer.

Comes with syntax coloring of the Ri buffer.

Inspired by ri stuff at
Credits to vimscript #90 for much of the lovely code.