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Update to latest Passenger and REE


Added gem dependency on sprinkle 0.2.1 due to usage of new text insta…


Switched to the REE "don't ask anything" installer thanks to Bob Burb…
…ach's suggestion. Fixes support for Ubuntu 8.04 LTS.


Added link to the demo screen cast on vimeo


Updated Ruby Enterprise to the latest version. Reorganised ruby enter…
…prise install so that it belongs in /usr/local/ruby-enterprise and symlinks binaries from /usr/local/bin. Removed plain old Ruby (no longer required). Updated README to match commit and updated credits


Changed installation verification for mysql and memcached to simply c…
…heck for the respective executable binaries, this allows the user to tweak configuration on a per-slice basis and doesn't rely on a memcached or mysql process to be actually running.

Readded installation verification for ruby_enterprise.
Added libmemcached to the policy list rather than it sitting idle for no reason.


[RELEASE] Zero to hero
Updated README
Added some varification steps
Removed rm'ing of binaries that would not be installed by this stack
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