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Sprinkles for Apache, Passenger, Memcached, Git, Mysql or Postgres

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Passenger stack, zero to hero in under five minutes

Scripts for Sprinkle, the provisioning tool

Watch the demo screen cast of passenger-stack.

How to get your sprinkle on:

  • Get a brand spanking new slice / host (Ubuntu please)
  • Create yourself a user, add yourself to the /etc/sudoers file
  • Set your slices url / ip address in deploy.rb (config/deploy.rb.example provided)
  • Set username in config/deploy.rb if it isn't the same as your local machine (config/deploy.rb.example provided)

From your local system (from the passenger-stack directory), run:

sprinkle -c -s config/install.rb

After you've waited for everything to run, you should have a provisioned slice. Go forth and install your custom configurations, add vhosts and other VPS paraphernalia.

Other things you should probably consider:

  • Close everything except for port 80 and 22
  • Disallow password logins and use a passphrased RSA key

My app isn't running

Read these tips to get you humming

Wait, what does all this install?

  • Apache (Apt)
  • Ruby Enterprise (Source) [includes rubygems]
  • Passenger (Rubygem)
  • Memcached (Apt)
  • Libmemcached (Source)
  • MySQL (Apt) or PostgreSQL (Apt)
  • MySQL or PostgreSQL ruby database drivers (Rubygem)
  • Git (Apt)


  • Ruby
  • Capistrano
  • Sprinkle (
  • An Ubuntu based VPS (known to not work on Debian Etch†)


  • Marcus Crafter and other Sprinkle contributors
  • Slicehost, for giving a free slice for testing passenger stack
  • Nathan de Vries for Postgres support


Don't run this on a system that has already been deemed "in production", its not malicious, but theres a fair chance that you'll ass something up monumentally. You have been warned.


† This issue lies between differences in apt between debian and ubuntu, my feedback has been forwarded and discussed with Marcus, the author of sprinkle. I believe he is looking into it.

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