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app-admin - firejail: in ::gentoo
app-backup/obnam + obnam: version bump
app-benchmarks/phoronix-test-suite git-2 ftw
app-cdr/lacie-lightscribe-labeler massive Manifest correction
app-crypt * wotsap: updated deps
app-dicts * stardict-longman: updated url
app-editors/gobby virtualize pkgconfig
app-forensics/afl + afl: version bump, from ::gentoo
app-misc - wego: broken, unmaintained
app-mobilephone + vcf2csv: new ebuild
app-office * ledger: qa fix
app-paludis/pink-update massive Manifest correction
app-portage/gentoo-clang * gentoo-clang: purge temporary kludges
app-text * uniutils: corrected deps, fixed clang build error
app-vim + ledger: fixed ebuild from ::bgo-overlay
dev-cpp/commoncpp2 massive Manifest correction
dev-embedded icestorm patch updated
dev-go + dev-go/go-colorable
dev-haskell fuck old ghc
dev-lang https please
dev-libs wiringPi version bump to support RPi Zero
dev-perl/UI-Dialog * lftpfs: bump
dev-python + ansi2html: enliven, from ::gentoo
dev-qt + qt5ct: from ::mva, version bump
dev-tcltk + tcludp: new ebuild
dev-util https please
dev-vcs/vcsh + dev-vcs/vcsh-9999
eclass + go eclass (from emery overlay, slightly fixed)
games-arcade + taisei-1.0a: stable version
games-board games-board/rftg-0.9.4 version bump.
games-engines/onscripter-en remove stray ChangeLogs
games-fps virtualize pkgconfig
games-misc Update games-misc/opengfx.
games-puzzle/neverball massive Manifest correction
games-simulation * openttd: version bump
games-strategy + ufo-ai: fixed, from bgo
games-util Add fresh OpenTTD packages.
gnome-base/gconf * gconf: bump EAPI
media-fonts/arialuni remove stray ChangeLogs
media-gfx * implicitcad: bump deps
media-libs * mediastreamer: kill a dead patch
media-plugins/alsa-plugin-rsound https please
media-radio/GtkMMorse git-2 ftw
media-sound https please
media-video * motion: updated
metadata must be fixing #7
net-analyzer/nmap_vulscan + nmap_vulscan: version bump, from ::spike
net-dialup/openl2tp massive Manifest correction
net-fs + tahoe-lafs-9999: from ::gentoo, but works!
net-ftn - net-ftn/golded+: in ::fidonet
net-im https please
net-libs * loudmouth: nodocs patch is no longer needed
net-mail/notifmail * notifmail: fixed deps
net-misc + tigervnc: enliven, from ::gentoo
net-p2p + terminal-progress-bar: by hackport, dependency of arbtt
net-voip * baresip: updated deps
net-wireless/crda massive Manifest correction
profiles - firejail: in ::gentoo
sci-electronics + sci-electronics/linuxcnc: ebuild skeleton, WIP
sci-geosciences + merkaartor: new version, from ::gentoo
sci-libs + mpir: version bump, from ::gentoo
sys-apps + firejail: version bump, from ::gentoo; security update meh
sys-boot/dracut-tuxonice https please
sys-devel/ct-ng * ct-ng: update the patch
sys-fs + owfs: version bump, fixed, from bgo
sys-libs + apparmor and friends: version bump, from ::gentoo
www-client + dillo: enliven, from ::gentoo
www-plugins/uzblstuff https please
www-servers https please
x11-apps/arbtt * arbtt: updated deps
x11-drivers/synaptics massive Manifest correction
x11-libs remove stray ChangeLogs
x11-misc https please
x11-wm + matchbox-desktop: fixed ebuild from bgo
.gitignore Add curb
README + commit signing policy


There is ::booboo, a collection of random ebuilds for Gentoo.

Contributors are encouraged to sign their commits. A signature from me (4E10 5CB0 7913 170D 350D  9F44 C1FD 9099 80E9 3558) denotes that I have reviewed all the previous changesets (though that might not be the case for other people: I've encountered different interpretations of the commit signatures, so it looks like they should be accompanied with the policy, like this one).
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