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* tkabber: fixed the desktop entry

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1 parent 210ceae commit 641d91351b7430c7b3dfd5ae1873373efc97c895 @l29ah committed Jul 5, 2012
@@ -1,2 +0,0 @@
-AUX shitfree.patch 2626 RMD160 42233d5b47c29a1714a20d727026b18cf29a5747 SHA1 0dabc66a58490ce9f64a1b689d12805de0d15e5b SHA256 013c9d24d1fce5b66bebca0ba733f0e3af112f2aeb5ff12c995777e06b26b3c5
-EBUILD tkabber-9999-r5.ebuild 9833 RMD160 47251eee107808f44a7fc3e7fbf623bbdfb30681 SHA1 bd3f40af91875865972a31923ed7878fab09817a SHA256 8fb715c4ae3863370b6b9358060508946a51a25a801c21f068b7f951e637b454
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@@ -99,8 +99,8 @@ src_install() {
doins -r contrib || die "Can't install additional contrib components to ${D}/usr/share/doc/${PF}"
- doicon "${FILESDIR}/${PN/-svn}.png"
- make_desktop_entry ${PN/-svn} Tkabber ${PN/-svn}.png
+ doicon "${FILESDIR}/${PN}.png"
+ make_desktop_entry ${PN} Tkabber ${PN}.png
if use plugins || use 3rd-party-plugins; then

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